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Here at Lxpert we help solve IT problems by matching IT problems with local experts (lxperts) who can pop around and fix them. It is that simple. Becoming a lxpert is easy, you probably know much more than you think and it is a great way to help people in your community on a freelance and/or voluntary basis. It is highly rewarding.

As one of our accredited experts, you will help people who are experiencing hardware, software, networking or connectivity issues with technology such as computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. It's not only about fixing the problems, but also helping people through their digital journeys.

Lxpert is an easy-to-use service that enables home users and small businesses to find a reliable IT specialist in their local area. Therefore, it's a simple way for you to find customers and earn additional income without having to invest in expensive advertising. Our experts range from experienced IT consultants to IT professionals who can offer some time above and beyond their formal commitments.

With Lxpert you're in control. You set your hourly rate (between £10 and £200, typically £40) and show your current availability on an easily updateable online calendar. With our smart business tools you can manage contacts and appointments, raise invoices and more.

All the members of the Lxpert Community are IT experts recognised by IT experts. The membership is exclusive. Only the best are invited to join. Do you have what it takes? Why not apply and find out?

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    Sign up


    1. Register an account.
    2. Submit an application form online.
    3. Your application will be reviewed by a member of our admissions team.
    4. If we think you're the kind of person we're looking for, your application will then be reviewed by a committee of fellow experts. You may be invited for an interview, lasting about an hour.
    5. If your application is approved, you'll be invited to join the Lxpert community. If not, don't worry. You can re-apply when you have further developed your skills and experience.
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    Post a profile


    1. Upload info about yourself and your relevant professional qualifications.
    2. Set up your tariff and payment receiver information.
    3. Set up your availability calendar.
    4. Set your expert account to 'Active' to start receiving enquiries.
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    Engage with customers


    • Help promote your services to your local community.
    • Communicate with customers.
    • Manage your contacts.
    • Manage appointments.
    • Issue an invoice.
    • Provide feedback.
    • Continue engaging with customers.
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    Be rewarded


    • Get paid your chosen hourly rate.
    • Receive good reviews and get recommended.
    • Enhance your reputation.
    • Engage with the Lxpert community.

At Lxpert we're looking for IT experts who can provide excellent service to customers. Our reputation is based on the quality of the service we provide. Therefore, we carefully choose people who are not only appropriately skilled, but also share our passion for great service.

We believe the ideal IT expert has the following qualities:

  • Relevant technical skills, knowledge and qualifications
  • Integrity, honesty and professionalism
  • Enthusiasm for IT and technologies
  • A passion for helping people and serving the local community
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to explain complex technical concepts in layman's terms
  • Strong customer focus
  • An open mind and a strong desire to learn, grow and explore

Step 1. Register by creating an account on Lxpert site.

Step 2. Submit an online application. We'll need the following information:

  • Your date of birth and National Insurance number
  • Language(s) spoken
  • Your relevant academic and professional qualifications
  • Evidence of relevant experience e.g. career history and customer testimonials
  • A personal statement saying why you want to join Lxpert (max 250 words)
  • A reference letter
  • A recent photo
  • Criminal record check evidence e.g. For UK applicants, you will need to provide a DBS/CRB disclosure. Find out more here

Please note: you must be of legal working age and be eligible to work in the UK. If you're currently full-time employed, you must have your employer's approval to do additional freelance work.

You may be invited to attend an interview with a fellow IT expert from our Lxpert Community.

The interviewer will explain the process, the agenda and why we take the selection process very seriously. You must keep the interview experience confidential, as this is important for us to maintain quality standards. Remember, we're not just looking for people with IT skills. We need experts who can demonstrate the enthusiasm and professionalism that define our business and our community. Communication skills are also very important. Patience is a must.

We welcome your feedback at the end of the interview.

Please bring a form of photo ID e.g. passport, National ID card or driving licence with you.

Please bring the criminal record check evidence e.g. Disclosure Scotland Certificate with you.

We will evaluate your application and will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within a week.

If your application is successful you will become one of our accredited experts and your account will be upgraded to take advantage of Lxpert's full functionality.

Please note: we don't offer professional indemnity insurance for our experts. We strongly advise you to take out an appropriate policy yourself.

If your application is unsuccessful, don't be disheartened. You can re-apply (in no less than six months' time), once you have further developed your skills and experience.

The application process is free! :)

Pricing is subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

Charges are incurred on a per transaction basis. There is a fixed 8% customer service charge paid by the customer and a standard 6% expert service charge paid by the expert.

For example, your tariff hourly rate was set to GBP £50 per hour and your customer commissioned you for an hour work. When the customer paid for your service, £4 was deducted as customer service charge, £3 was deducted as expert service charge and you earned £43.

If you are a frequent user, you can reduce the expert service charge rate to 0% by subscribing to a pay-in-advance plan. It costs £20 GBP per month. You can change or cancel the subscription at any time.

To celebrate the launch of Lxpert, we are offering the first 100 early joiners "Founding Experts" a special promotion rate of 0% expert service charges for a year. It's like getting the pay-in-advance plan for free for a year. A saving of £240!

Pricing is subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

Here are our top 10 tips for engaging with customers:

  • Safety (your and your customer's) is top priority. If you don't feel safe attending an appointment or travelling to certain area, just politely reject the request.
  • Always treat your customers with respect and courtesy.
  • Always dress appropriately when attending an appointment.
  • Engage your customer before the appointment date. Get a better understanding of the issue, so you can be better prepared on the day.
  • Always be punctual. If you're running late, make sure you let the customer know as soon as possible.
  • If the problem is a recurring one, don't just provide a quick fix. Look for wider issues and recommend solutions to prevent the problem happening again.
  • If the work is going to take longer than the booked duration, always check with the customer to ensure he or she is okay for you to proceed further.
  • If you can't solve the problem right away, be honest. Get back to the customer later after doing some research or speaking to another expert. Never assume you know everything.
  • Give the customer regular progress updates.
  • After the appointment, always follow up with the customer to make sure everything is okay before completing the case and issuing an invoice.