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Would you like to learn to use a computer, tablet or the Internet?

We understand that technology can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Our friendly, experienced personal computer tutors are here to help you. We have successfully helped many customers learnt to use computer, tablet and the Internet in a friendly, easy and non-scary way. The computer lessons are tailored to your individual learning needs, so you can learn at your own pace. Home visits are available, so you can learn at the comfort of your own home. Absolute beginners are most welcome. So get ahead of the curve and talk to us about your learning needs.



What’s included

  • 1-to-1 sessions with our experienced, friendly computer tutor on an hourly basis.
  • Learn at your own pace - the lessons are tailored to your individual needs, skill level and pace.
  • Home visits available - learn at the comfort of your own home or at a convenient location to you.

Popular topics

  • Finding information online - e.g. news, bus or train timetable, weather forecast, cooking recipes, holidays and details of local clubs and activities
  • Staying in touch with your friends and family with email, Facebook and video phone calls (Skype or Facetime).
  • Using Facebook to find long lost friends or to engage with interest groups
  • Watching your faviourite shows on catch-up TV
  • Doing family history research
  • Learning about Internet Security and staying safe online
  • Writing documents & letters with office suite such as Microsoft Word
  • Making lists and getting your bills organised with Microsoft Excel
  • Walking down memory lane, planning your journey or holiday trips or doing some virtual sightseeing with Google Maps
  • Shopping online and looking for bargains
  • Accessing NHS and public services online
  • Organising and sharing your precious photos with your friends and family using tools such as Google Picasa

Our tech-savvy computer tutors can also help you setup your computer and technology too.

How it works

  1. Book - book an appointment either by calling or by completing the booking form to arrange a session with our computer tutor.
  2. Learn - the tutor will meet you at a convenient location. During the session the tutor will discuss and assess your learning needs, suggest the best learning approach to fit your individual requirements, start teaching you in a fun and memorable way and give you plenty of chances to practice. Payment and feedback will be collected at the end of the session.
  3. Use - keep practicing what you've learnt. Feel free to book further appointments with your tutor to further your skills.

What people say about our services

  • "Explained well. Patient and friendly. A wonderful teacher."
  • "Showed me what to do. Have a chance to do it myself. Not rushing."
  • "I've learnt more today than any other time. Very satisfactory!"


Our tutors are available in Ipswich, Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Colchester and London.


Update: With the Coronavirus outbreak, we continue to offer computer lessons during this difficult time. We understand that many people have to rely on their computers, tablets and smartphones more than ever to stay in touch and to get the things they need online such as food, medicine and everyday essentials, while practicing social distancing and isolation. We are offering help over the phone or through a remote session in place of a home visit. And for urgent setup or repair, we can arrange a pick up and drop off service. Please keep well and stay healthy. May the difficult time be over soon.



PC and laptop running Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Windows tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple Mac, Apple iPad (iOS), Samsung Galaxy Tablet (Android), Kindle Fire tablet, smartphones and many more.

Other names: computer tutor, computer trainer, computer lessons, technology tutor, IT trainer, computer training

Price: £35 per hour

£10 off for new customers

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