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When was the last time you took your computer for an MOT?

Like many modern machines, computers need regular checks and maintenances to keep them running in top condition. Health checks are a great way to make sure that your computer stays healthy and safe. They identify potential issues and prevent damage from escalating in the long run.

At Lxpert, we understand the most important aspect of computer health check: it is to give you a peace of mind. So we offer computer health check services like no others:

  • Multi-points diagnostics and maintenance – such as harddisc health checks, system health checks, virus checks, backup and performance optimisation (see detail list below).
  • Professional – the computer health checks are carried out by our experienced IT professionals.
  • Health report – we will provide you a detail health report with recommendations. As part of our service, our expert will walk you thought the report upon delivery of the computer.
  • Rebate – you get a £10 rebate towards any of our computer repair, upgrade and support services.

Our promise

  • We speak in layman terms and avoid technology jargons.
  • We would explain the computer problems you might have and show you how to avoid them.
  • Always look after your equipment.

How often does my computer need a health check?

  • For regular users, we recommend every 6 months.
  • For less frequent users, we recommend every year.
  • If you notice your computer is slowing down, crashing, not responding, freezing up or making unusual noise or sound, please contact us to arrange a health check to minimise potential damage.




How it works

  • Book – book an appointment by calling us or by completing the booking form below to arrange a pick up.
  • Meet – our expert will meet you in person; speak to you about your computer; learn about any issues or concern you might have; discuss the list of tasks and collect the computer for diagnosis at our workshop.
  • Diagnostics – our expert runs multi point diagnostics in the workshop.
  • Return – our expert will contact you when the checks are completed, return the computer back to you in person along with the health report and walk you through the report.

 What people say about our services

  • “Good service. Explained everything well and clearly. Excellent after service support. The expert made sure we were all okay.” – Evergreen Chinese Takeaway
  • “My expert did a great job sorting my computer, it works much better. I am happy with the way it all went.” - Christine
  • “Service very good. Very nice attitude and nothing is too much trouble.” – Gwen


The service is available in Ipswich, Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Hadleigh and many other areas in Suffolk.



starting from £35 for standard checks

£5 off for new customers


Example of checks we carry out:

(Please note: the work might vary depend on the computer specifications and the option chosen. Our expert will discuss this with you.)

  • Antivirus software checks – to check if there is any antivirus software on the system and to check whether it is working properly.
  • Full system scans – to check for virus, trojan and malware. With optional deeper checks with multiple scanners.
  • Harddisc health checks – to check the overall health of the harddrive and to check and repair any corrupted files and folders.
  • Operating system checks – to check whether system update is working properly and to check whether the system is up-to-date with the latest updates and patches.
  • Physical checks and cleaning – such as keyboard, mouse, external moving parts, cooling system check, CD/DVD drive, connectors etc and clean them if appropriate.
  • Expert inspections – our experienced IT professionals will manually check system startup programmes, system services and running processes and identify any potential problems. Check for out-of-date key software.
  • Windows performance tests – we will check the performance of Windows startup and shutdown. We will refresh windows performance score by running windows benchmark.
  • System resource availability and usage checks – such as to check how much memory, storage and processing power are used in normal condition.
  • Stress tests – we will run a few benchmarking tools to ensure the system is working okay.
  • Backup creation – we will help you to create system recovery discs and backup important data. So that you have a back up in case the hard drive failed.
  • Optimisation – we will help you tune the performance of the computer according to your needs and remove any unwanted or unused software.

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