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Is your computer not working well? Do you need some help setting up your computer, the Internet or equipment?

Give us a call and booking an appointment with our expert to give you some help in person. We have a no fix no charge policy and we don't charge for call out. Price is on a quotation basis. Please call or enquire online for details.



We can help resolve many computer issues such as:

Desktop and laptop repairs

  • Hard disk (HDD) failure problem and replacement
  • Data Backup
  • Virus Removal
  • Screen Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Power Supply

Independent advice and tailored setup service

  • advice on how to get onto the Internet
  • setup internet access with broadband, WiFi, fibre & 3G/4G and connect your computers, laptops, tablets, devices and hardware to the network.
  • setup your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and smart TV according to your needs and teach you how to use them.
  • hardware installations and setup e.g. printers, scanners and other digital devices etc…
  • software installations and setup e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, antivirus software (e.g. AVG, Norton, McAfee), Microsoft Office and Apple software such as iTunes etc…

Computer Upgrades

  • Memory upgrades (RAM)
  • Processor upgrades (CPU)
  • Graphics Card upgrades (GPU)
  • Hard disk upgrades (HDD)
  • Operating system upgrades
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray upgrades

Virus Removal

  • Virus, malware and trogan removal
  • advice and install Anti-Virus software

Expert diagnostics and solutions

  • Computer doesn't switch on
  • Computer going slow
  • Blue screen crash
  • Programs crashing
  • Programs not loading

Any many more.

Our promise

  • We speak in layman terms and avoid technology jargons.
  • We would explain the computer problems you might have and show you how to avoid them.
  • Always look after your equipment.

What people say about our services

  • “Good service. Explained everything well and clearly. Excellent after service support. The expert made sure we were all okay.” – Evergreen Chinese Takeaway
  • “My expert did a great job sorting my computer, it works much better. I am happy with the way it all went.” - Christine
  • “Service very good. Very nice attitude and nothing is too much trouble.” – Gwen

Available area

Ipswich, Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Hadleigh, Colchester and London


on a quotation basis

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