• Helen, Ipswich

    After using so-called computer 'specialists' with varying results, we found our knowledgeable expert on Lxpert. His methodical approach, working through a problem with patience until he finds the solution, all the time explaining, in simple terms, what he is doing, is just great for those of us who aren't so tech-savvy!

  • Keith, Colchester

    My local expert has provided an excellent service. He has proved to be very knowledgeable in respect of IT matters, both hard and software. He provides a rapid response and is always extremely pleasant and helpful and he is reasonably priced.

  • Sofia, Woodbridge

    The service from our local expert is fantastic, having done a thorough cleanse of the software, helped to improve the performance, implemented hardware upgrades and educated us to avoid future issues. We have an enhanced laptop. Highly recommended.

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